John Delaney Dismisses Criticism That He's Running In the Wrong Primary

Trying to prove his progressive chops, Delaney touted his universal health care plan that would allow people to keep their private insurance.

Presidential hopeful John Delaney said he belongs in the 2020 Democratic primary, despite criticism that he is not progressive enough for the party.

At the AFSCME forum in Las Vegas on Saturday, the former Maryland representative promptly replied “no” when asked by moderators what he would say to people who think he’s running in the wrong primary. 

Delaney went on to list progressive policies he’s supporting, including universal health care “where everyone has health care as a basic human right for free,” as well as doubling the earned income tax credit.

But Delaney has distanced himself from “Medicare for All” plans backed by other Democratic contenders, saying he opposes the complete replacement of the private health insurance system. 

Delaney says his plan, which he calls BetterCare, allows people “to have choices.” 

“If you want to keep the health care that, by the way, you pay for both out of your pocket and by sacrificing wages over the years ― and in most places is a really good health care plan ― I think you ought to be able to keep that,” he said Saturday.