John Delaney Having Zero Fun On A Giant Slide Is The Newest 2020 Debate Meme

An old image of the presidential candidate at the Iowa State Fair is going viral.

An old photograph in which Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney appears to be having an indifferent time on a giant slide is going viral.

Will Sommer, a reporter for The Daily Beast, shared the picture — originally taken at the 2018 Iowa State Fair — on Twitter late Thursday evening. It inevitably took on a life of its own, just after the former Maryland representative appeared in the first of several televised 2020 debates.

Now, to be fair, Delaney did look like he was having a slightly better time in this other still from that August day in Des Moines:

But he still became the latest meme of the night ― which, of course, included that Spanish-speaking moment from former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke.