Here's Your Chance To See This Gay Comedian Live Before He Blows Up

"I’ve described myself and my act as the Robyn of comedy."

Johny Early is about to take the world by storm -- and it's not hard to see why.

From playing Jenna Maroney's son on the hit "30 Rock," to hosting his massively successful monthly variety event "Showgasm" in New York City to creating his own 30-minute special for Netflix's "The Characters," it seems there's no escaping Early's wit -- not that we'd ever dream of trying.

Now you have the chance to see the up-and-coming star live at his show "John Early: Literally Me" in NYC ahead of what could be his biggest, most mainstream role yet -- playing Dave Franco's fiancé in "Neighbors 2."

"I’ve described myself and my act as the Robyn of comedy, which I once told an industry executive while soaring on iced coffee" Early joked with The Huffington Post. "I said I was the Robyn of comedy – it was elegant but still for the masses... 'Literally Me' is my big show where it’s literally me – I so a lot of standup and have a full band and we do songs and I do characters and I show videos – it’s very, very fun."

Other artists slated to appear at "Literally Me," taking place June 2 and 3 at The Bell House in Brooklyn, are Hamm Samwich, previously featured in "Queer New World," Naomi Ekperigin, Liza Treyger and Yazan and the Gates Family Band.

Head here for more information on "John Early: Literally Me" and keep your eyes peeled for more from this gay comedian on HuffPost Queer Voices in the future.

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