Elizabeth Edwards Denies Endorsement Rumors

Elizabeth Edwards Denies Endorsement Rumors

UPDATE: During an interview on Tuesday afternoon with MSNBC, Elizabeth Edwards denied rumors that her or her husband were on the verge of an endorsement. A rough transcript is below, or watch the video:

MSNBC: I do want to get you on this issue in terms of the news value. Can you say to me right here on MSNBC that you or your husband will not endorse in the next week? That is correct?

EDWARDS: I would be surprised. Things can happen at any day, as we found out today, a very big day on the political scene. So you never say never, so I don't know that the situation could not happen in the next week that would change our minds. But our current -- my current inclination is not to say any more than I have said. I'm willing to repeat it as many times as people want me to. John would have to speak for himself. He's also on vacation.


With only days away from the North Carolina primary, what has become of John Edwards? While his wife has begun to take an active life in the political fray (including a few shots at John McCain's healthcare plan), the former presidential candidate has remained silent.

Today, Hillary Clinton will pick up a big endorsement from North Carolina governor Mike Easley. But the biggest North Carolina endorsement, Edwards himself, seems nowhere in sight. The New York Times reports on the conflicting pressure faced by John Edwards:

Many of Mr. Edwards's supporters in North Carolina have been quietly pressing him to endorse Mr. Obama, and a large group of them, led by Ed Turlington, his campaign chairman during the last presidential race, came forward publicly last week to support Mr. Obama.

On the other hand, Mrs. Edwards, her husband's closest and most trusted adviser, has made it clear that she favors Mrs. Clinton; aides said she had recently tried to persuade Mr. Edwards to do the same.

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