Attacking Elizabeth Edwards' Memory

Can you go any lower than ruining the character of your lover's wife who died after a heroic battle with breast cancer? That's exactly what John Edwards' lover Rielle Hunter has done in her new book, What Really Happened. And John Edwards is complicit.

Rielle Hunter didn't just humiliate Elizabeth Edwards by indulging in a torrid affair with her husband John Edwards and getting pregnant with their love child.

Now, she is out to attack the character of Edwards who can't answer back to Hunter's charges that Elizabeth was "venomous" and a "witch on wheels."

She claims in her new book that Elizabeth was controlling and abusive to John, that he wasn't having a sexual relationship with her any longer and that she drove him into the arms of other women, like... oh yes, Hunter.

Well, isn't this convenient for Hunter and John, who clearly are still romantically involved with Hunter. The former vice-presidential candidate can now justify his illicit, marriage-busting affair with Hunter. His wife "made" him do it.

Well, I can tell you this -- John Edwards and Rielle Hunter were, in fact, made for each other. They are equally selfish louses.

There's absolutely no justification for launching a full-on assault on Elizabeth Edwards. Rielle, you have said that you feel it is your "duty" to Edwards and his three children with Elizabeth to write the book which reveals your side of the story.

Well guess what Rielle and John, Cate, 30; Emma Claire, 14; and Jack, 12 will NOT thank you. No, they will detest you for attacking the mother they love. And they will feel horribly betrayed, especially by you, John -- their father.

Instead of protecting them from hurt and protecting their privacy, you have now just exposed the most painful chapters in their young lives to the entire world. You have revealed your weakness of character, your infidelity and yuck, your disgusting sexual obsessions and habits.

The very last thing they want to read is how the sex between you and Rielle was so hot, that you did "it" all night long. Giant TMI!

John -- I can't believe how Cate gave you support, sitting with you day after day in court during your recent trial on campaign corruption charges, and this is how you thank her -- letting Rielle publish this vile book.

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