Pennsylvania’s Lt. Gov. Keeps Trolling Texas Counterpart Over $1M Voter Fraud Offer

Although Dan Patrick offered a reward to anyone who could prove voter fraud, he's been ignoring John Fetterman’s evidence involving a Trump supporter.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, has an ongoing demand for his Republican counterpart in Texas: Where’s my money?

Last month, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick offered a $1 million to “incentivize, encourage and reward” people for reports of voter fraud in Texas.

Although President Donald Trump triumphed in Texas in the November election, Patrick’s offer apparently aimed to buttress baseless and false claims by Trump and his allies of mass voter fraud in other key states that Democrat Joe Biden carried in winning the White House.

In one of those states ― Pennsylvania ― a high-profile case emerged in which a man admitted to illegally casting a ballot for Trump in the name of his dead mother. The suspect also registered his dead mother-in-law to vote, with the intention of casting another ballot for the president. A similar case surfaced in the state in which a man sought to vote for Trump through his deceased mom.

Fetterman has been pressing his assertion that these cases should qualify him for Patrick’s jackpot. He’s been trolling Patrick on Twitter asking for the loot, saying he would donate it to food banks in his state.

He really threw out all of the stops on Monday, going after Patrick in a bitter Twitter thread that included lots of “Family Guy” references.

Fetterman told The Houston Chronicle his trolling campaign against Patrick is partly meant to discredit the unfounded contentions that the election was rigged, claims that court after court across the nation have rejected.

He also admitted that he has been amused by the Pennsylvania voter fraud cases that involved Trump supporters.

“While it’s undoubtedly and undeniably hilarious these cases involved Trump voters and their dead mothers, it’s irrelevant because it documents how truly rare voter fraud is and how impossible it is to truly pull it off,” Fetterman told the newspaper.

HuffPost reached out to Patrick’s office for a comment about the reward money, but no one immediately responded.

A Patrick spokesperson did get back to

“It is not clear why Lt. Gov. Fetterman continues on this topic since Democrats don’t believe in voter fraud — unless it’s the Russians,” the spokesperson told the outlet. The latter part of the comment apparently refers to documented interference by the Russians in the 2016 election that plagued Trump during much of his term.

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