Man Punks Fantasy Football Foe With Fake Sports Report

"Just how much does Steve suck at fantasy football? The answer may shock you."

It’s not a touchdown, it’s a takedown!

Fantasy football doesn’t award points for pre-game taunting, but a guy in Lombard, Illinois, deserves some kind of honor for the way he punked a fellow player.

Earlier this week, John Fitz created a fake sports report to deliberately taunt Steve Fay, a longtime fan and commissioner in their fantasy football league.

The elaborately conceived video is made to look like a real news report from an outlet called Double Cheese News, with Fitz as a tough-talking broadcaster:

“Much-maligned commissioner Steven Fay has never been known for his fantasy football skills, but things are quickly going from bad to worse.

“Double Cheese News set out to ask: Just how much does Steve suck at fantasy football? The answer may shock you.” 

The video includes comments from fellow players in the fantasy football league and one from Fay’s sister who says he’s “always been a disappointment as a brother. I can’t imagine what he’d be like in fantasy football.”

Fitz admits Fay is actually good at fantasy football, but “he needed to be taken down.”

“People don’t want to trade with him, because they never feel it’s an even trade,” Fitz told HuffPost, adding that they’ve been friends since high school.

The video is starting to go viral, which gratifies Fitz, but he is pleased by the reaction from Fay, whose team he will be playing on Sunday.

“There was definitely some choice language,” he laughed.



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