John Goodman Had No Idea That 'Bee Movie' Was Popular Again

Did you know Jerry Seinfeld's "Bee Movie" is one of the most popular animated movies of 2016?

In 2007's "Bee Movie," Jerry Seinfeld voices an anthropomorphic bee that falls in love with a human woman. Seinfeld's character, Barry B. Benson, tries to sue the human race for exploiting bees for their honey, with Renée Zellweger's character -- the love interest, who is not a bee -- helping him with the case. The actor John Goodman voices the menacing opposition lawyer, Layton T. Montgomery.

For simultaneously baffling and obvious reasons, the movie has earned a cult following online. A popular prank in 2015 involved Facebook users posting the whole script to their profiles, causing mobile readers to have to scroll through to the end if they wanted to see the next post in their feeds. You can now even buy a T-shirt with the entire "Bee Movie" script printed on the front. 

Earlier this month, Seinfeld finally acknowledged the resurgence in popularity of his animated movie during a Reddit AMA. To the disappointment of "Bee Movie" fans, the comedian said he probably wouldn't make a sequel. "I considered it this spring for a solid six hours," wrote Seinfeld. "I actually did consider it, but then I realized it would make 'Bee Movie 1' less iconic."

A fair, but frustrating response.

So with an opportunity to get another take from Goodman while he promoted his more recent movie, "10 Cloverfield Lane," The Huffington Post asked the actor if he was aware of what "Bee Movie" has become.

"No, I didn't know that," said Goodman. "Good for Jerry."

Another fair, but frustrating response.

After listening to a quick summarization of how the movie has gained a second wave in popularity from Tumblr, Goodman added, "Oh good. Great for Jerry."

Well, at least he now knows what the internet has done.



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