Don’t Bother Asking John Goodman’s Santa Character For Any Holiday Cheer

He doesn't have any this year.

Stephen Colbert dialed up Kris Kringle on Monday to ask him to spread some holiday cheer.

The “Late Show” host thought his (spoof) live video call with Santa Claus, played by actor John Goodman, would help comfort all those people affected by what he described as the “bummer” of a “grueling” and “punishing” 2016.

Maybe the gift-giver-in-chief would have some calming words of wisdom to impart?

But the comedian’s plan backfired.

“Suuuuure, Santa has an important message for those of you feeling down this year,” said Goodman as Santa. “Suck it up and grow a pair!”

And he didn’t stop there. “Ooooh, you’re upset. Try being an immortal elf whose job was bringing Christmas cheer during the bubonic plague. The hot toy that year was a quick, painless death.”

Happy holidays to you too, Santa!

Check out the full clip above.