John Green's Crash Course In Latin American History Covers Everything You Need To Know (VIDEO)

Want to learn about the Latin American revolutions? Do you have 13 minutes and 45 seconds?

Perfect! That's exactly how much time you need for Youtube vlogger John Green's crash course in Latin American history.

Green, an American author who skyrocketed to the top of The New York Times' bestseller list with "The Fault In Our Stars," partnered with his brother Hank Green to produce short and informative videos following their 2007 project, Brotherhood 2.0, in which they communicated only through Youtube for a year.

Known together as the Vlogbrothers, the two Greens, have taken on some of society's biggest questions -- most recently, "Why The Rich Pay Lower Taxes" and "Is College Worth It?"

Green's crash course in Latin American history provides a complete rundown on the major events in Latin American history -- from Napoleon to Bolivar. Images whizz by in the video as Green narrates the main points and subtitles pop up on bottom of the screen for viewers who prefer to read the narration.

Be forewarned: Green is a fast-talker. So if you have trouble keeping up with this crash course, we suggest reading a textbook.

Check out his crash course in Latin American history in the video above.



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