What John Green Was Like In High School (It's Probably Not What You Think)

Today, John Green is a best-selling author. Twenty years ago, he was a bit of an underachiever.

In a new video on his Vlogbrothers YouTube channel, Green reveals what he was like in high school.

Green admits to feeling embarrassed about his high school days even after accomplishing so much with his novels. Though an English teacher had once described him as a student with "incredible potential," based on his report cards, he was a mediocre student who didn't always show up for class.

He uses his success later in life as a reminder that choosing what to do with your life is never limited to high school, college or any other time period.

“But at least so far as I can tell, the course of your life isn’t decided -- ever,” he said.

Years later, Green appreciates the many chances he got in school and the teachers who believed in him.

“Looking at those old report cards, I just want to thank my teachers for knowing that I wasn’t just a screw-up even when I didn’t know it.”

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