'VlogBrothers' Tell You Why You Should Be Excited To Go Back To School (VIDEO)

Going back to school isn't necessarily fun, per se. Once the excitement of buying school supplies is over, you have to sit at a desk for six hours, work through mind-boggling equations, and fight the urge to fall asleep during history class. We get it. But John Green, one of the hilarious brothers behind the YouTube channel VlogBrothers, has a few reasons you should look on the bright side when it comes time to hitting the books again.

His four-minute lesson on the importance of education is miles away from the dry lectures you might dread in school. Instead, he offers a new point of view in his open letter to students. Going to school doesn't just benefit you, he argues -- it benefits everyone around you.

"Public education isn't a charity project," he says in his signature rapid-fire manner. "I want you to go to school and grow up and make my life better… I'm paying [taxes] for your education so you can invent a microwave pizza with an actually crispy crust!"

Check out the video above for the rest of Green's "rant" about why school doesn't always suck -- and it's okay to look forward to September coming around.

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