John Heilemann: Donald Trump 'Is The First Puerto Rican Truther'

"It’s like the Sandy Hook truthers are going, ‘Dude, people died.'"

John Heilemann has hit out at President Donald Trump for denying that almost 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria last year.

The host of Showtime’s “The Circus” described Trump as “the first Puerto Rican truther” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.”

“The notion that these people didn’t die was not a conspiracy theory anyone was talking about,” Heilemann told host Stephen Colbert. “Donald Trump invented that conspiracy theory today. It’s like the Sandy Hook truthers are going, ‘Dude, people died.’”

Heilemann’s “Circus” cohost, CBS correspondent Alex Wagner, said Trump “decided to pick a fight with the families of 3,000 dead Puerto Ricans” instead of “putting his hands on the captain’s wheel.” It “is not what the moment calls for,” she added, branding it a “shocking political strategy.”

Check out the interview below: