John Hickenlooper Hits The Showers For First Ad (VIDEO)

John Hickenlooper Hits The Showers For First Ad (VIDEO)

Devoid of any real competition for the Governor's mansion until either Republican Dan Maes, third-party candidate Tom Tancredo, or both drop out of the race, Democrat John Hickenlooper stayed non-controversial in his first campaign ad. Hickenlooper, whose quirky ads helped him become Mayor of Denver in 2003, used his first ad to attack negative campaigning itself.

Hickenlooper expresses his distaste for negative ads in the commercial's opening frames, saying they make him feel like he needs to take a shower. The rest of the ad features Hickenlooper entering and leaving the shower wearing different clothes, a statement on the prevalence of attack ads in politics.

The mayor then vowed not to run any negative ads during the course of the campaign.

Hickenlooper's campaign has already purchased $850,000 in TV ad time slated for this fall.

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