John Hodgman Pens Thoughtful Piece Explaining Why He's Voting Hillary

Free speech! Free speech for everyone!

Former Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman took to his blog on Tuesday, the day of the New York presidential primary, to explain in some detail why he has decided to vote for Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders

"I don’t think this is a time to laugh at the Republican party," the author and comedian wrote, insisting that Democrats not underestimate the GOP in spite of their current disarray.

After dedicating most of the post to responding to Democrats' more common criticisms of Clinton, Hodgman ultimately reinforces the point that Democrats must think longterm when considering this year's presidential election:

No one can succeed 100% of the time in our system. But I think she can foster policies that will capitalize on the initial gains made by President Obama, whom I supported and still do, and surely, if slowly, move our nation closer to the ideals that I embrace. 

Will it be fast? No. But there is a lot to do to shift the the nation’s policies back after the slow, economically rightward/socially intolerant swing that began with Ronald Reagan and peaked with the reelection of George W. Bush in 2004. 

(A swing, by the way, that was patiently planned, deliberately funded, and slow by design. Major change is ALWAYS incremental. Unless you want to have a REAL revolution, with shooting and stuff. You might. I do not.)

Not to worry though, Bernie-supporting Hodgman fans: The comedian said he will "certainly vote for and work for Sen. Sanders should he gain the nomination."

To read Hodgman's full piece, head over to his site. Whether you agree or disagree with the comedian, we can all agree he's a thoughtful man who has utilized this glorious right we have called freedom of speech.



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