John Hodgman's 'That Is All' Promo Directed By Tom Scharpling Packed With Celebrity Cameos (VIDEO)

First there was The Areas of My Expertise. Then came More Information Than You Require. And now there is That Is All, the final book in John Hodgman's trilogy on "complete world knowledge."

The book will be released on November 1, and to make the people aware of its impendingness, Hodgman and director Tom Scharpling have created the above promo, featuring a list of cameos that is as thorough as the book's topics. Dick Cavett? Got him. Brooke Shieds? Got her. Justin Long waiting for Hodgman to return to the all-white "I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" room? Yes, indeed.

And the list goes on. Tucked away in the Celebrity Cameo Room of Hodgman's deranged millionaire's lair are also Scott Adsit, Fred Armisen, Samantha Bee, Paul Feig, Jason Jones, Ted Leo, John Lutz, Jack McBrayer, Christopher McCulloch, Nas, Vernon Reid, Paul Rudd, Kristen Schaal, Kenny Shopsin, and Questlove.

And what awesome book promo would be complete without a "They Might Be Giants" theme song and Jonathan Coulton in a fur hat?

When we asked Mr. Hodgman about the upcoming release of his book, he had this to say:

In retrospect, I'm glad I was able to get my book out of my home and into the hands of normals before Ragnarok occurs. I think they will appreciate its clear eyed, deranged millionaire's advice on food stockpiling, trading in cash for beef jerky dollars, and urine hoarding. Also, there is some information on sports in there, and I have observed that sports comfort even the most doomed souls.

He went on to explain his current whereabouts, now that the book is completed:

I am no longer at my apartment, as I am now installed safely in my panic suite at the Chateau Marmont. I hope someone can get by to feed Dick Cavett.

Kudos to Hodgman and company for spreading the word in such a spectacular way. We expect any day now for K-12 teachers to chuck out every other textbook in their arsenal, replacing them with the author's three-book opus. After all, we are in an economic crisis. Imagine how much money school's could save if they switched to an entirely Hodgman-based curriculum?

Look to it, GOP candidates.

For more on the making of the video and how you may properly experience it, you can go directly to the source, Mr. John Hodgman himself.