Watch John Kasich Lead An Awkward David Bowie Sing-Along

Ground control to Major John.

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) tried to channel his inner David Bowie on Sunday -- but it got a little strange. 

Appearing at a town hall, the GOP presidential hopeful responded to a question about NASA funding by paying homage to the celebrated British musician, who died earlier this month.

"It's all about what David Bowie sang about," he said.

Kasich then began awkwardly singing the opening bars from Bowie's famous song, "Space Oddity." An attendee who came prepared with a guitar quickly chimed in to help Kasich out.

Watch Kasich's sing-along in the clip above, an outtake from "New Hampshire" -- a HuffPost Originals limited series.

Video by Maria Tridas and Will Tooke.

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