John Kerry. As You've Never Heard Him Before.

This afternoon at 2:00 pm, Nate Wilcox and I are having Senator John Kerry on our BlogTalkRadio show, "Heading Left" where we will discuss Senator Kerry's fight to set a one year deadline to end our commitment in Iraq. We are also fortunate that one of our favorite guests Chris Bowers of MYDD.COM will be joining us as well.

A Senator doing a radio interview? Stop the presses. Well, actually, here are a couple of quick reasons why this is actually is news.

BlogTalkRadio is creating a wave of citizen broadcasters that will rival the impact that the explosion of blogs, and the creation of citizen journalists, that happened four years ago. But this time, elected officials who understand what happened and is happening with the progressive community online today, are much much faster adaptors than they were before.

Ken Mehlman once said that the candidates who master the emerging technologies of the day, win. So far, it's looking pretty good for our side.

Governor Tom Vilsack will be a guest on February 19th on MYDD's show on BlogTalkRadio. Terry McAuliffe is coming on our show soon - a show which is now in its, oh, fourth week. Some other candidates are going to start their own shows. It is an explosion of political communication, and today is a great day for us.

And "Heading Left" is unique for another reason. This is the only radio show anywhere on any platform that is by, for, and about the progressive community online. Traffic to progressive blogs is now running around 4,000,000 a day. Now we have our own radio show.

You can listen in live at 2:00 p.m eastern - the show will stream for the entire world to hear.

Or you can listen later, load it up on your ipod, and check it out whenever you want.

And if you don't like our show or what we have to say, here's the best part. You can start your own, and be on the air almost instantly.

So if you're interested in ending the war in Iraq, interested in what bloggers actually sound like or just want to check out the latest new media invention, this is your chance. I hope you can join us.