John Kerry: 'Exorcism' Needed After Playing Mitt Romney In Debate Prep

John Kerry: I Needed An 'Exorcism' After Playing Mitt

After playing Mitt Romney in debate preparations with President Barack Obama, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said he'd need an "exorcism."

Kerry told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on October 17 playing Romney was "an interesting exercise," but "I've got to have an exorcism of Romney out of my being." He reiterated his point after the debate Monday night on Twitter:

wasn't joking when I said I'd need exorcism post-debate tonight after months playing Mitt Romney cc: @stefcutter…

— John Kerry (@JohnKerry) October 23, 2012

In the spin room ahead of Monday's debate, Kerry -- who helped Obama prepare for all three presidential debates -- joked that he was "chosen from binders of senators" to help the president. The remark was another hit at Romney, who said in the second presidential debate that he was presented with "whole binders full of women" to consider as cabinet candidates while serving as governor of Massachusetts.

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