John King: Boston Reporting Errors 'Embarrassing,' A 'Shot' To Credibility (AUDIO)

In an interview on Tuesday, CNN's John King said that he was very embarrassed about his reporting mistakes during the Boston bombings.

King had perhaps the worst moment of his career last week, when he erroneously said that an arrest had been made in the bombings. King was also criticized for calling the suspect a "dark-skinned male."

"I've got a pretty good track record, but when you do something like this it's embarrassing," King told local Washington station WTOP. He also said it was "tough" for viewers to see people they want to trust get something so wrong. He called it a "shot" to his credibility.

"The one thing you have to do is look straight in the camera and say, 'We were wrong,'" he said, adding, "It's my city, too, so it's sort of a double kick in the head to me. But the best way to deal with it is to say, 'we made a mistake. Here's how we made a mistake,' and then move on."

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