John Krasinski Gets Covered In Eggnog For Jimmy Kimmel's Christmas Prank

And the prank war continues ...

If you're getting in a prank war with Jim Halpert himself, you better bring it, and that's exactly what Jimmy Kimmel did.

Kimmel and "The Office" actor John Krasinski have been taking turns pranking each other for the last four years, but this year, all hell broke loose. Krasinski pranked the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host out of turn by sending him a bottomless Santa, putting a real reindeer in his building and decorating his office like a winter wonderland. 

But Kimmel would have his revenge. 

The comedian posted fliers around Hollywood of a fake yard sale at Krasinski's actual address and surprised the actor by dumping eggnog all over him. 

Krasinski pulled a move to get the last laugh, but, still, Dwight would be proud.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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