John Krasinski On Jimmy Kimmel: Is John The Worst Neighbor Ever?


John Krasinski just might be the worst neighbor in the world -- or at least the Hollywood Hills -- if you ask Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend.

The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday to plug his new movie "Big Miracle," but the star got sidetracked reminiscing with host (and apparent bestie) Jimmy Kimmel.

Both live in the Hollywood Hills on the same street, and Kimmel admitted, "I have to say, when I found out you were moving in across the street I got excited ... and then you started breaking into my home."


Just like his character Jim Halpert in "The Office," John Krasinski is a major prankster. The actor has broken into Kimmel's property at least twice; once to set up animatronic Santas and snowmen in his home, and another time to assemble a horrifying garden installation in his yard.

Kimmel's girlfriend, Molly, had some choice words for Krasinski when she stumbled upon his garden gift: "I hate it, and I hate you."


"We're thinking about moving," Kimmel deadpanned.

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