John Krasinski's 'A Quiet Place' Is Basically This Episode Of 'The Office'

People could not resist comparing the TV show and the movie.

John Krasinski’s new film “A Quiet Place” is making serious noise in the record-breaking department, but it’s not exactly a new concept for the actor.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t help but notice that the horror film helmed by Krasinski has a plot line slightly similar to one in “The Office.” Krasinski famously played the character Jim Halpert in the NBC series, including one episode in Season 8 when the entire staff of Dunder Mifflin works on nailing the longest silent streak in office history.

If you’ve seen even just the trailer for “A Quiet Place,” you know it basically echoes the old “The Office” scene. 

Okay, fine. So they’re extremely different. But it’s still a hilarious comparison, and Twitter can’t get enough of it. People ran wild equating the film with “The Office” ― both the silent-game episode and otherwise:

Someone even made a delightfully weird mashup trailer of “The Office” and “A Quiet Place.”

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Jim Halpert, Lee Abbott ― or whoever John Krasinski is portraying these days, it clearly behooves his career to hush. 



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