John Lackey Divorce? Red Sox Pitcher Rips Media Over Personal Text Message (VIDEO)

The Boston Red Sox got a much-needed win in the Bronx on Sunday night after dropping the first game of a doubleheader to the Yankees. But after the victory, starting pitcher John Lackey chose not to discuss the dramatic 14-inning victory. Instead, he decided to rip the reporters in the locker room over a text message he received 30 minutes before the game.

"Let me tell you the truth. Thirty minutes before the game I got a text message on my cell phone from one of you, somebody in the media, talking about personal stuff. I shouldn't even have to be standing up here dealing with it," he said angrily. "I'm sitting here, listening to music. I don't know who got my phone number, but that's over the line."

When he was asked if he was distracted due to the text message when he took the mound at the beginning of the game, Lackey, who pitched one of his better games this season and kept his team in the game, looked as if he was speechless.

"This is unbelievable I've got to do this," Lackey said.

Hours after the interview, TMZ reported that Lackey has filed for divorce from his wife, Krista, who is battling breast cancer. According to the report, the couple had a prenuptial agreement stipulating that the struggling pitcher has "separate property" he wants to keep for himself.

An emotional Lackey -- who is 12-12 with a 6.41 ERA (the highest ever for a Red Sox starter who has thrown more than 150 innings) -- told reporters after a game in May that "everything in my life sucks right now."

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