Achieving your Goal in 100 Days with John Lee Dumas

Remember that feeling - the first time you set an important goal?

You were full of passion and determination. You began with the conviction that yes - you CAN.

But you know how the story usually goes.
Life happens. You have too many things to juggle and too little time. Or, you procrastinate, putting things off for later.

The Freedom Journal

What if you had an incredibly simple system that helped you to accomplish your goal in 100 days?

That's exactly what the The Freedom Journal does.

It's a simple, yet powerful tool created by John Lee Dumas, founder of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, EOFire.

EOFire has featured renowned entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, Brian Tracy, and over a thousand others. The incredibly popular podcast gets over a million downloads every month.

John Lee Dumas has been featured on various channels including ABC, CNBC, FOX and several popular blogs. In less than three years, EOFire has grown to generate annual revenues of 7 figures.

So what exactly is The Freedom Journal? How can it help you to accomplish your goals?

Here's what John told me about this powerful tool:

My Conversation with John Lee Dumas

What is The Freedom Journal and how does it help people?

The Freedom Journal is a faux leather-bound physical book that guides you through how to set a SMART goal and then leads you in accomplishing that goal in 100 days. It helps people through:

  • daily and nightly accountability;
  • 10-day sprints;
  • quarterly reviews;
  • daily affirmations and recommended resources; and
  • so much more!

All of this is part of The Freedom Journal, so it will hold you accountable and keep you on pace to accomplishing your goal in 100 days.

What was your inspiration for creating The Freedom Journal?

After interviewing over 1,200 entrepreneurs, I realized that they have 1 thing in common that sets them apart: they know how to set and accomplish goals. The biggest pain point I see from those who are not able to do this is they lack accountability. So I created The Freedom Journal to be just that: your accountability partner to help you accomplish the goals you set.

Why is an accountability system so crucial to accomplishing your goals?

Because without accountability it's way too easy to let distractions get in our way. Without accountability we have trouble focusing, and when we only have ourselves to report to, it becomes very easy to let things slide. When you have proper accountability in place and the discipline and determination to CHOOSE freedom, then the sky is the limit.

In your experience, what's the key differentiating factor that determines whether someone achieves their goals or not?

Whether or not someone achieves their goal has everything to do with discipline and focus; but whether or not someone sets a goal that even has the potential of being achieved has everything to do with that goal being SMART. If you set a SMART goal: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-bound, then you actually have the opportunity to accomplish it. So many people skip this step and just say "I want to lose weight", or "I want to start a business" - you can't put in a plan in place and execute on a goal that isn't SMART.

You host one of the most popular podcasts in the world and have interviewed over a thousand people in just three years. What key productivity habits have contributed to your success?

Discipline and focus are two things I reference all the time. Productivity is about putting a plan in place, and then actually scheduling time on your calendar in order to execute your plan. I do this for every project or task I work on - no matter how big or small. If you don't schedule it, you're not making it real.

I would say the biggest productivity hack I've employed that contributes directly to the success of the business is batching. I do 8 interviews every single week - on 1 day. That means the podcast, which is the foundation of the business, is taken care of in just 1 day, leaving me 6 other days to focus on other integral areas of the business, like building community, marketing and growth tactics.

There are so many talented people with an idea and a dream who are not taking action because they doubt themselves. What's your advice to them?

You get to choose.

No one can make you decide that it's time to start living the life you want, and we ALL have doubts. The imposter syndrome is strong, and it wants you to be comfortable and settle for normal. Start surrounding yourself with the people who are doing what you want to be doing so you're lifting yourself up instead of bringing yourself down. Creating a new future requires making changes, and you get to choose whether or not you start making those changes.

Exercise your Choice!

You have a choice - to set a goal, commit to it, and pursue it. Each of these choices will take you in the direction of success. As John says, we all have doubts, but successful people choose to take action despite their doubts.

What action will you take today to get closer to your goal?

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