John Legend And The ‘Sesame Street’ Cast Send Baby Luna The Cutest Message

And Chrissy Teigen loses it.

Despite the overwhelming feeling that 2016 has just been the worst, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s love remained a bright light throughout the apocalyptic year. 

The two welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Luna, who is quite possibly the cutest baby alive. Legend gave a shout-out to his little one during a recent appearance on “Sesame Street,” as he and the cast expressed their love for Luna. 

“One day Luna will be very excited by who daddy hung out with today,” the singer captioned his Instagram video. 

One day Luna will be very excited by who daddy hung out with today

A video posted by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Teigen couldn’t take the cuteness overload, tweeting out: 

So excited to have @johnlegend spend some time on Sesame Street! #Season48

A photo posted by Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) on

There’s no doubt Luna has the coolest parents in Hollywood. 

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