How John Legend Really Feels About Chrissy Teigen's Social Media Posts

"When Twitter first started, I was worried…"

Chrissy Teigen is without a doubt one of the most popular models on social media, sharing everything from behind-the-scenes videos from her shoots to funny commentaries to photos of her at home with her husband, singer John Legend. While a lot of people adore her posts, Teigen's outspoken nature and racier pictures also draw criticism. She's certainly not bothered by it, but is her husband?

When the couple sat down with Oprah for an interview on OWN, Oprah asked Legend if he ever feels Teigen crosses the line. Legend admits that, at first, he wasn't too sure about Teigen's candid posts.

"When Twitter first started, I was worried. Like, don't be too honest, don't share too much," Legend says. "But, then, I think she's actually more brazen on Twitter than she is just in regular life. She shows more of her sweet side in regular life."

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Soon enough, Legend adds, he came around.

"Once I got used to it… I love it," he says.

Even Teigen's nude photos don't bother him. "The thing is, I see her in Sports Illustrated and it's no different," he says with a laugh.

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One of Teigen's favorite things about her husband is that he humors her, she says. "He makes me feel like I'm the funniest, most beautiful person on Earth, all the time," Teigen tells Oprah. "I feel like he believes it!"

The two are tight, but they don't speak for each other, Legend clarifies.

"A lot of times, they want us to be like the president and first lady, where anything she says represents my views or represents us as a couple," he says. "I feel like she should be her own entity and her own persona. I'm not going to say, 'So you can serve my needs and my career, you have to muzzle yourself and not be who you are.' Because part of what I fell in love with was that person who she is."

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At the same time, there is one type of social media comment that upsets Teigen.

"What does hurt me is when someone writes me something like, 'I am upset with John right now because of something you said,' or 'I'm not going to buy John's music,'" she says. "That hurts me because I never mean to connect him in any of my crazy things that I spew out."

Ultimately, though, neither Teigen nor Legend is interested in shielding who they really are.

"Us being authentic is better than us not being authentic," Legend says. "I think she has a lot more fans than any other model would ever have because people connect to her as a person. I think why people love her -- and some people hate her… is because she's not afraid to be herself."

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