John Legend Upgrades 'Downton Abbey' Theme Song With Honest Lyrics

"Everyone we know is very white. We don't have one black friend."

John Legend must be the ultimate TV watching companion. Not only does he understand the importance of #NetflixandChill, but he's also a veritable human jukebox. 

To commemorate the end of PBS' "Downton Abbey," which aired its final episode Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel commissioned the "All of Me" singer to add his own lyrics to the series' piano heavy theme song. Legend takes the opportunity to drop some truth bombs about the Crawley family, opening his rendition with, "Everyone we know is very white. We don't have one black friend." 

Nobody in the family tree is spared, as Mr. Chrissy Teigen takes shots at Dowager Countess ("Grandmama is always such a witch. She needs to get laid"), as well as lyricizing our internal monologue while watching the series ("It is time for tea and then a nap. I want a scone right now.")

The number reaches a crescendo as Legend -- who could make a recording of himself singing the phonebook a Top 40 hit -- passionately sings, "Edith is such a loser, why won't she just die? Why? Why?"



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