John Legend Tries In Earnest To Talk Kanye West Out Of Supporting Trump

West posted a private text from the singer to Twitter.

Hey, he gave it a whirl.

Kanye West posted a private text message between him and John Legend to Twitter on Thursday.

Buzzfeed confirmed that Legend, who is identified as “JL,” texted the “Famous” rapper, encouraging him to distance himself from President Donald Trump.

“So many people who love you feel so betrayed right now because they know the harm that Trump’s policies cause, especially to people of color,” Legend texted West. “Don’t let this be part of your legacy.”

West responded, claiming that Legend trying to control his opinion. “Bringing up my fans and legacy is a tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought,” he wrote.

Legend, then pleaded with West to consider how powerful his influence is.

“Think with empathy and context too,” he wrote back.

Legend’s text comes after the rapper posted a series of pro-Trump tweets Wednesday, which caught the president’s — and the entire internet’s — attention.

Some find West’s support from Trump confusing, considering that in 2005 the artist slammed former President George W. Bush for not caring about black people during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Comedian Stephen Colbert weighed in on “The Late Show” with this message to West:

“You know what Kanye, you know what? Donald Trump is your brother, it is true, I am your brother too, and brother to brother, I just want to say: put the phone down.”

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