John Lewis Crowd-Surfs On 'The Late Show,' And It's Truly Uplifting

Ride that wave, Congressman

Congressman John Lewis rode a different wave of support Wednesday on “The Late Show.”

The civil rights icon crowd-surfed the Ed Sullivan Theater with host Stephen Colbert cheering on.

Pretty glorious.

The 76-year-old politician and activist was on hand to chat about the third volume of his graphic novel “March.” Lewis followed actors Christian Slater of “Mr. Robot” and Chris Geere of “You’re The Worst” on the ocean of hands.

The show didn’t pass without some serious chat as well. In discussing Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem, Lewis said: “This young man, this football player, is acting according to the dictates of his conscience and we should support him.”

Here’s the full interview. The crowd surf begins around the 7:35 mark.

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