John Lewis Dances Gangnam Style

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) is the latest politician to dance his way into a pop culture craze.

Lewis, a civil rights-era veteran, is shown dancing Gangnam style in a new video to promote youth voting in the 2012 election. Lewis joined dancers from the hip-hop dance group Innonim in the video posted on YouTube and produced by Kollaboration Atlanta, an arts and civics participation group. National Journal first reported the video Friday, two days after it was posted.

The Lewis video comes a week after Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna (R), who is running for governor, and his wife, Marilyn, were seen in a video dancing Gangnam style at the Washington State Korean Association Korean Day festivities earlier this month. Unlike the McKennas, who jumped on stage for the full dance, Lewis only dances for a short portion in his video.

The McKennas were not the only ones dancing last week. In New York, Democratic state Senate candidate Justin Wagner released a video of his staff dancing to "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." Wagner's video came weeks after his Republican opponent, state Sen. Greg Ball, released two videos of his staff dancing. Wagner and Ball do not dance in their videos, but Wagner's wife and baby daughter do dance in a pumpkin patch.

In August, the Utah delegation to the Republican National Convention released a video of the group singing "Call Me Maybe." The Utah video included several of Lewis' current and former colleagues, including Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Rob Bishop, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, and former Rep. Enid Greene Mickelsen. The Utah video also includes a dance by West Valley Mayor Mike Winder in front of a Romney/Ryan sign.


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