John Lewis Pays Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr.

"Dr. King taught us to recognize the dignity and worth of every human being."

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) paid tribute to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

Lewis, himself a well-known civil rights leader, said in a series of tweets that King “was like a big brother.” Lewis detailed all the nonviolent ways King encouraged people to fight against injustice.

“Our nation has at times created & enforced unjust laws,” Lewis said. “It is up to people of conscience to expose such injustice through nonviolent means.”

Lewis’ tweets made no mention of President-elect Donald Trump, who angered many over the weekend for criticizing the congressman as “all talk, talk, talk - no action or results.” Trump’s comments were a response to Lewis’ criticism that Trump is not a “legitimate” president.

See Lewis’ tweets on King below:



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