Watch John Malkovich 'Leave' Acting To Pursue A Fashion Career

The actor's new short film with Squarespace has shades of "Being John Malkovich."

Just a few months after John Malkovich partnered with Squarespace to perform homages to various David Lynch characters ― such as the log lady from “Twin Peaks” ― Malkovich is now debuting another eclectic acting project with the website creation company. In a new short film, Malkovich plays himself as he leaves his career as an actor to pursue a passion for fashion design.

The movie, “Journey,” shows Malkovich trying to overcome his reputation as an actor in order to have his designs taken more seriously. At one point, he reads an email titled, “John Malkovich 2017,” that only has one line ― “Is this a joke?” Malkovich, sitting up in bed alone, sends the email to the trash.

The plot of this project slightly mirrors the 1999 Charlie Kaufman movie “Being John Malkovich.” In that full-length feature, the main character finds a way to control the mind of the Malkovich-played character, John Malkovich, and forces Malkovich to abandon his acting career to become a successful puppeteer.

Along with the “Journey” short, Malkovich set up a website with Squarespace that actually features his new fashion line.


Watch Malkovich’s new movie below:



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