John Marcotte: California Man Introduces Amendment To Ban Divorce (VIDEO)

John Marcotte, a writer who runs the site BadMouth.net, is collecting signatures to get the "California Protection of Marriage Act" on the ballot. If passed divorce would be illegal in California.

No, John is not a religious zealot (although he has 12 years of Catholic education), instead he's launched this initiative to mock the proponents of Proposition 8, which added "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California," to the state's constitution. He told CNN this Act is the the "logical extension of Proposition 8."

Marcotte's Website satirizes the traditional marriage campaigns with lines like:

  • You said "Til death do us part." You're not dead yet.

  • Jesus still loves you if you get divorced -- just not as much as before
  • John + Four and Kate + Four = Sin
  • Pat Robertson is my homeboy
  • As he told the site Cockeyed.com:

    "The opposition will always be there. The secular progressives, gays and MSNBC hosts -- but we beat them once with Prop 8 and we'll beat them again. If people are thinking about getting a divorce, just remember 'Hell is eternal, just like your marriage was supposed to be.'"