John Mayer Sings A Relatable Christmas Song About A Pharmacy Chain

The Grammy-winner composed a goofy instant classic.

Move over, “All I Want For Christmas.” John Mayer just worked his way into the modern canon of holiday songs. (See the video below.)

The “No Such Thing” singer shared a song on Instagram Monday that he wrote about visiting family for Christmas ― and facing the reality that the town shuts down early. Thankfully, “the trustiest of companions” is there to comfort him ― a CVS pharmacy bag full of stuff.

Props to Mayer for a Yuletide number that doesn’t feature snow, Santa or unrequited love. It’s silly, funny and an instant classic.

“CVS bag, up there on the table/CVS bag, you’re all that I have/CVS bag, mostly snacks and a charger cable/CVS bag and a thing for my dad,” he sings.

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