John Mayer Is Ready To Treat Someone Else's Body Like A Wonderland

Wonder what his Tinder line will be ...

John Mayer, otherwise known as the soundtrack to the year 2006, is back on the market, y'all. 

The singer announced his return to dating on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday night via a whole lot of music metaphors. 

"I'm ready to roll. I’m older and more mature than I’ve ever been and the stage is set," Mayer said. "The stage is set. There’s nobody on the stage but I’m excited for a meet [cute] at some point because I feel ready, but I’m very protected of that zone right now because I know how much I worked and how hard I worked to get that zone there. So I am single and I’m excited about the future."

"John, 38 years old, musician, 1.2 miles away." 
"John, 38 years old, musician, 1.2 miles away." 

Well, we're just excited at the thought of swiping right on Mayer's eventual Tinder profile! We're sure his line will be something like "Your body is a wonderland" or "Are you 'Waiting on the World to Change,' too?"  

The singer's last serious relationship was his on-and-off romance with Katy Perry. The two broke up in the summer of 2015. Six months later, Perry started seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor Orlando Bloom, though the two haven't been spotted together in a while. 



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