John Mayer On 'Roar': Katy Perry's Boyfriend Praises Her New Single

"Roar," the first cut off of Katy Perry's upcoming album "Prism," hit the airwaves last week and went right to the top of the Billboard charts (for digital songs). One person who is particularly fond of the song (besides everyone)? Perry's boyfriend, John Mayer.

Mayer, who recently recorded a duet with Perry called "Who You Love," spoke to Billboard this week about his significant other's latest work.

"I remember hearing it, going like, 'Wow what an interesting experience' to hear something that you identify as massive before it's massive," Mayer told the publication. "I thought it was a really sweet, unforgettable sort of experience to hear someone's work while they still have a very nascent relationship with it."

The couple's duet will be featured on Mayer's upcoming album "Paradise Valley," hitting stores on Aug. 20. Perry's own album is scheduled for an Oct. 22 release.

For more from Mayer, head over to Billboard.

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