John Mayer Pirate Costume Isn't So Different From His Normal Clothes (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: John Mayer Is A Pirate

We try to avoid talking/reading/wondering about John Mayer too much, but have you noticed the man's clothes lately? Mayer is going through a strange sartorial phase.

Doing his best version of cattle driver chic, Mayer has embraced work boots, floppy flannels, scarves and -- the piece de resistance -- hats over the past six months. He's taken his rough-and-tumble ensembles on stage, on the red carpet and to parties, prompting the creation of a "John Mayer's Hat" Facebook page.

So when the singer was photographed this weekend by in a pirate costume worthy of a Disney blockbuster, we were only slightly surprised. The baggy pants tucked into boots? Business as usual. The chest hair-baring shirt, paired with a long scarf? Normal. The only thing that threw us off, honestly, was the suede vest. And the sword.

John was in fact at a costume party, but still... when someone can't easily discern the difference between your work clothes and a costume, it might be time to change things up.

See more pics at, and scroll down to check out even more pics of Mayer's recent style.


john mayer pirate

May 10, 2012

John Mayer Loves His Hat

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