John Mayer Throws Shade At Taylor Swift While Hosting 'The Late Late Show'

John Mayer just threw some serious shade at ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

While guest-hosting "The Late Late Show" on CBS Friday night, Mayer poked fun at his famous breakup with Swift -- an incident that supposedly inspired Swift's 2010 hit "Dear John" -- during a monologue joke about the upcoming Grammy Awards. (It happens at about 1:30 in the clip above.)

"You can see me at the Grammys doing what I do best. Being avoided by Taylor Swift," Mayer said. A moment later, he added: "That won't make the Internet at all."

Mayer's three-day stint on "The Late Late Show" comes in the interim period between former host Craig Ferguson's departure and new host James Corden's debut on March 23. CBS has invited guests to host the program until Corden arrives. On Wednesday, Mayer made a splash (no pun intended) when he brought on Katy Perry's Super Bowl sharks as guests, fueling rumors that Perry and Mayer have rekindled their romance.

Just to complete the pop-star triangle, there's still gossip going around of a strained relationship between Perry and Swift due to a dispute over backup dancers. All in all, Sunday night at the Grammys is shaping up to be a pretty awkward time for these three. Here's hoping they're all seated very far apart.



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