John Mayer Has Been On Twitter For A Week, And He Already Seems Discouraged

John Mayer has officially been back on Twitter for a week now. To celebrate his anniversary, we've compiled his best 140–characters–or–less moments thus far.

It's been a hard week on social media for a singer who is quickly learning that his jokes aren't hitting home with his new Twitter following. Apparently one week is all it takes to turn an over–confident Mayer into one who takes credit for his girlfriend Katy Perry's popularity -- joking or not.

Don't believe that Mayer could stray so quickly? Well there is this one time …

When he acted as though everyone was awaiting his arrival.

When he joked about Rebecca Black as if "Friday" came out yesterday.

When he acted as though he was the junior high bully of the Twittersphere.

When he made a self–depricating "Eastbound & Down" joke, and no one seemed to get it.

When he finally came up with a relevant joke … about the wrong medium.

When he coined the most self–indulgent term we've heard in a while.

When he realized that he needs to consider a different strategy.

When he considered another early retirement.

When he tried to take credit for Katy Perry's 50.3 million followers.

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