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John Mayer Designs Wallet For Barrett Alley (PHOTOS)

And somehow we're not surprised.

OK, raise your hand if you knew John Mayer had a side-career designing accessories. Bueller? Bueller?

Now raise your hand if you are not at all surprised that John Mayer has a side-career designing accessories. There, that's better.

Thanks to Coco Perez, we have been made aware that John Mayer is designing a limited edition line of wallets with leather company Barrett Alley for a collab called Barrett Alley x John Mayer. The flimsy, fold-over pouches are a follow-up to Mayer's two bracelet collections, also created as part of the Barrett Alley x John Mayer collaboration.

Responses to the jewelry collab were so positive, it seems, that Barret Alley and John decided to move onto wallets. The Barrett Alley x John Mayer Judas Pouch is made of deerskin and lined with "antique Japanese cotton textiles" printed with Mayer's "JCM" monogram. It's held together with an "antique American Civil War-era bone button closure" and leather strap, so you can feel appropriately rugged when removing your Visa card.

It does not, however, come with Mayer's favorite cowboy hat.

We invite you to check out John Mayer's handiwork as a designer of both bracelets and wallets -- er, pouches. Tell us: is Mayer as good with leather as he is with sensitive guitar ballads and high-profile girlfriends?


john mayer wallet

john mayer wallet

john mayer wallet

See, this hat would go so well with the Judas Pouch:

May 10, 2012

John Mayer Loves His Hat

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