John McAfee: 'I Have Never Killed Anyone,' 'It's Not My Style' (VIDEO)

McAfee Denies Murder: 'Not My Style'

Software mogul John McAfee joined HuffPost Live Thursday and reiterated his claim that he did not kill his neighbor, telling host Alicia Menendez that murder is simply "not [his] style."

Belize authorities described McAfee as a "person of interest" in the November 2012 murder of his neighbor there, Gregory Faull. McAfee went into hiding, refusing to submit to questioning and claiming that the government of Belize was attempting to frame him for the murder.

"I have never killed anyone, and it's not my style," McAfee told Menendez. "I do not know who killed Mr. Faull. It was certainly not me and I had nothing to do with it. The government, however, took that opportunity to go, 'Great, now we can at least put him in jail for 60 days while we trump up charges against him.'"

McAfee said that the government of Belize had harassed him ever since he refused to donate $2 million the country, shooting his dog, sending armed soldiers to his home and causing $500,000 in damage to his property.

McAfee also discussed the potential biopic about him, and discussed which actor he'd want to play him if his life story were turned into a movie:

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