John McCain Accuses Me Of "Trash Journalism" While He Engages In "Trash" Propaganda During The Petraeus Hearing

It's far from the first time the "maverick" has made himself into a liar, and today's opening statement to General Petraeus once again showed it won't be the last.
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Apparently some of the straight-talk released from The Real McCain yesterday got Rambo a bit peeved. So I'm glad I'm nowhere in his vicinity, because we know what happens to people when McCain gets a bit peeved at them.

He responded to the factual piece in my book about his calling his wife that four-letter c-word that wives so love to hear from their spouses, with this, according to today's New York Daily News:

McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker brands the book "trash journalism" and tells us, "The story is completely fabricated."

No surprise here. It's far from the first time the "maverick" has made himself into a liar, and today's opening statement to General Petaeus once again showed it won't be the last.

He brought out all the old favorites about those advocating for a "reckless and irresponsible withdrawal," (you know, only 70% of the country). The kind of withdrawal he advocated for in Beirut in 1983, and Somalia and Haiti in the 1990s. Hell, he must have had a lot of white flags in storage then, he was waving them so so darn often! I get into his complete foreign-policy flip-flop over his career in much greater detail in my book that he has seen fit to disparage without even reading (c'mon, it's not like he's George W., he can in fact read above a My Pet Goat reading level, I assume). McCain then trotted out that old saw about Al Qaeda in Iraq, which is only a miniscule part of the fighting force against us there, and is only there because of people like him took us into this war using the time-tested technique of making stuff up.

He said once again he wanted to "succeed" in Iraq. Definition of success: I don't know, and neither does he, as he didn't give it yet again (once again, I discuss this in greater detail). Maybe it's when he can go back to that market and take a stroll their without the Guns of Navarone protecting him, right before he falsely told us that anyone could have taken the same playful jaunt through town (sans protection).

You get the picture. I have hit McCain with a bit of that old straight-talk. Instead of lying about me because of it, he should try it sometime. How about starting today when we are trying to find a solution to this disaster he helped create in Mesopotamia.

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for buying the book, and I am sorry for the self-promotion. But thanks to you guys, we went from #159,000 yesterday to #243 on Amazon. As you can see above, with the New York Daily News coverage, we are beginning to break into the MSM, because of these numbers.

For just $10 at Amazon, you can order this book and help get the truth out there about The Real McCain.

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