John McCain Defends Sarah Palin's Hand Notes, Says A Teleprompter's Worse (VIDEO)

While visiting Chicago to support Mark Kirk, John McCain took a moment to defend Sarah Palin's widely mocked crib notes, written on her hand during the Tea Party Convention last weekend.

"Which is more egregious," he asked, as if the answer were obvious, "reading from a word on your hand or a teleprompter?"

McCain continued: "I continue to be entertained now by the continuous historical attacks on Sarah Palin, who was very, very popular with a significant segment of the American people."

Earlier in the clip, he also advocates for Republican Senate hopeful Mark Kirk, who many Illinois Democrats worry could pull a Scott Brown in this traditionally blue state. Kirk faces Democrat Alexi Giannoulias in November, in the race for the seat once held by Barack Obama.

McCain praised Kirk's background in the armed forces. "I understand that the key issue in Illinois and Arizona is jobs and jobs and jobs and the economy," he said. "But we are in two wars. Mark Kirk brings a degree of knowledge and background on military and national security issues that are badly needed in the leadership of this country."

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