John McCain: Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul Would Be A 'Tough Choice'

If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton runs against Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in 2016, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) would have difficulty deciding who would get his vote.

In an interview with The New Republic published Wednesday, McCain laughed that a matchup would be a "tough choice." He went on, "Let me just clarify that. I think that Rand Paul represents a segment of the GOP, just like his father. And I think he is trying to expand that, intelligently, to make it larger."

McCain and Paul come from opposite sides of the Republican foreign policy spectrum. McCain said in June that the Boston bombings had proven Paul's outlook on terrorism to be wrong. McCain also criticized Paul's 13-hour filibuster in March decrying the Obama administration's policy on drone strikes.

McCain and Clinton, despite hailing from opposite parties, have allied at times, and famously joined once in a vodka-drinking contest in Estonia on a congressional trip. McCain praised her tenure as secretary of state in the New Republic interview, saying that she did a "fine job."

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