John McCain Discusses His 'Parks And Recreation' Cameo (VIDEO)

"Parks and Recreation" returns for its Season 5 premiere with a special Washington, DC episode that features guest stars Senators John McCain, Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer. In a video released by NBC, Senator McCain discussed why he chose to participate in the episode, and reflected on some of his other TV cameos from years gone by.

McCain shared that he's a big fan of "Parks" and its star Amy Poehler. "It's one of my favorite shows ... I'm a fan, it's hilarious," he said. "The whole schtick about an election, and being elected and now coming to Washington. And of course, Amy [Poehler] is such a talented actress. My experience with her goes back to hosting 'Saturday Night Live' a long time ago," he recalled.

The Arizona Senator also revealed that the plot of the show mirrors many experiences he's had with real-life, locally-elected officials. "It's really a very clever plot, and very entertaining ... Listen, I spend a lot of time with local elected officials from my state, they come becasue they need the assistance and the federal largess that we are able to help them with."

And he took some time to reminsce about another TV cameo he made on Fox's "24." "I did a walk-on on '24' with Jack Bauer, that was kind of fun. I bragged about it for years, even though I wasn't even on the full screen ... You know how they divide the screen? I was up in the right-hand corner."

"Parks & Recreation" Season 5 premieres Thurs., Sept. 20 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

'Parks and Recreation'