Fox News Anchor's Son, Peter Doocy, Asks John McCain About Hillary's Drinking On Hardball College Tour

Think Progress reports that the student who asked McCain about Hillary's drinking is Peter Doocy, the son of Fox and Friends anchor Steve Doocy. Want to learn more about Peter? Read all about his experience working for Fox News on his blog. Watch Peter's question below as well as other clips from the college tour.

John McCain swung by the Hardball College Tour with Chris Matthews on Tuesday at Villanova University in Villanova, Penn., and the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee was met with some pretty hard-hitting questions, including whether he thinks he's a "typical white person," a term that Barack Obama used to describe his own grandmother. Another Villanova student asked McCain whether he thought Hillary Clinton "finally resorted to hitting the sauce because of unfavorable polling." The questions prompted Matthews to joke, "we came her hoping for the best and we got two of the most wise-ass questions." The Hardball host said it was a "tribute to the academic rigor" of the Pennsylvania school.

Watch McCain discuss Hillary's trip to a bar in Crown Point, Indiana:


Watch McCain say whether he thinks of himself as a "typical white person":


There were some more serious questions. McCain said that he thought the strategy in Iraq was working:

Matthews also asked McCain whether Barack Obama was an elitist: