John McCain: My Daughter Thinks I'm A 'Nice Zombie'

John McCain: My Daughter Thinks I'm A 'Nice Zombie'

Sen. John McCain jokingly confirmed to reporters Tuesday that his daughter believes he is a zombie.

The topic was a recent government statement assuring the public there is no known disease that reanimates the dead and turns them into bloodthirsty cannibals. In response to a reporter's question, the Arizona Republican added a personal twist.

"She does, in fact," think I'm a zombie, McCain quipped about his daughter. "But she thinks I'm a nice zombie."

McCain did not say which of his daughters thinks he's a member of the walking dead, but Meghan McCain recently tweeted, "Just saying, it's not like the CDC or the government would make an announcement to the country if a zombie apocalypse was in fact happening."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had announced -- to The Huffington Post -- that zombies do not actually exist, despite a string of horrifying incidents involving flesh-eating criminals over the last few weeks.

But is the CDC correct in asserting that the zombie apocalypse is not upon us?

"I think that is a subject for extensive debate on the floor of the Senate," McCain said. "Maybe it would be a more productive debate than most of those we've been having."

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