John McCain's Universal Draft

Chicago -- Interestingly, John McCain was on the campaign trail yesterday and an attendee asked a question regarding the draft, and how we need to reinstate it to continue fighting war on terror.

WOMAN: If we don't reenact the draft, I don't think we'll have anyone to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell.

MCCAIN: Ma'am, let me say that I don't disagree with anything you said, and thank you.

Take a look back when McCain was known as a maverick -- seems he had a different story about the rich, and how unfair today's draft would become.

The United States discontinued the draft in 1973 and instituted an all-volunteer military -- and only uses the Selective Service System for young men who are required to register between the ages of 19 to 25, so the government can have you readily available if the draft was enacted.

Now the question is, if John McCain is in fact keen on enacting the draft -- will he keep the law for only men? We live in 2008, Hilary Clinton was close to becoming the democratic nominee and possibly the President of the United States. Women serve in the military now, so why not change the mandatory system to included men and women?

Well, because every parent across America would be up in arms to protest this very act. What parent wants their child and, for that matter, their baby girl being forced to live a life they had no voice in choosing? In fact, why hasn't the media (except for Keith Obermann from MSNBC Countdown) been all over this latest news story about John McCain from the past video to the video below? Hopefully, this will get more airplay in the days ahead.