John Mulaney's Ex-Wife Anna Marie Tendler To Release Memoir

Tendler said that the memoir, titled "Men Have Called Her Crazy," is "about the endless source of my heartbreak and rage — men."

Anna Marie Tendler, ex-wife of comedian John Mulaney, announced Tuesday on Instagram that her memoir, “Men Have Called Her Crazy,” will come out later this year.

“I have been writing this book for two years,” Tendler wrote on Instagram. “More accurately though I have been writing it for close to four decades. I have never been more proud of any work. It is a story about mental health; about being a woman; about family. And finally, about the endless source of my heartbreak and rage — men.”

Tendler’s memoir is set to be released on Aug. 13.

According to a synopsis from the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, “Men Have Called Her Crazy” will recount the time Tendler was hospitalized for depression, self-harm and severe suicidal ideation following her breakup with Mulaney in 2021. It will also touch on her decision to freeze her eggs, something she first revealed in an Instagram post last year.

“This stunning literary self-portrait examines the unreasonable expectations and pressures women face in the 21st century,” the synopsis reads. “Yet overwhelming and despairing as that can feel, Tendler ultimately offers a message [of] hope.”

Tendler, a hairstylist and makeup artist, married Mulaney in 2014. The pair separated shortly after Mulaney completed a stay in rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse. In a statement at the time, Tendler said she was “heartbroken” that Mulaney ended their marriage.

“I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery,” she said.

Mulaney went on to date actor Olivia Munn; the two share a baby boy.

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